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About Sahana Fine Arts

The Sahana fine arts operates on the basis of imparting traditional values to modern society. Today’s world is hectic, that every country fights ahead positioning itself into globalization, where in the myrrh and frankincense fragrance on tradition still exhale out of each country. In our society modernization prevails on every soul is a fact, yet we shouldn’t lack traditional importance is a quacking bulb on Sahana’s thinking. Therefore this school of traditional classical music and dance is evoked.

Music is perhaps the finest of the fine arts. Sahana Fine Arts is planned to provide Student’s sufficient facilities for intellectual stimulation.

No father can give a better gift to his children than providing them with a good Education.

We assure an individual at the age of 5 and till arangetram with a keen progression of quality teaching and career guidance here.

The most important phenomena is with cost effective investment, this course of classes will never affect the regular pattern of education, in fact it adds more energy and concentration to a school goers.

I believe, that if we do good, good will come back to us and if we do good, good will never be forgotten, and so we do…!


  • ~ The institution aims in overall development of inner self of the learner through fine arts.
  • ~ To promote popularize and perpetuate the traditional art from of Bharathanatyam.
  • ~ To give every student a spiritual revelation and to lift them from the temporal to the eternal state.
  • ~ To represent the principles of unity and multiplicity.
  • ~ To develop the students physical, intellectual and spiritual knowledge.
  • ~ To learn to provide happiness to people and nations around the universe through fine arts.
  • Courses offered

     Course   Duration   Eligibility  Classes  Video Class 
    Vocal 4yrs5yrs & above2 times week1 month
    Violin4yrs7yrs & above2 times week1 month
    Veena 4yrs7yrs & above2 times week1 month
    Miruthangam4yrs 7yrs & above2 times week
    Tabala4yrs7yrs & above2 times week
    Bharathanatiyam 4yrs 5yrs & above2 times week 1 month
    Key board4yrs8yrs & above2 times week
    Drums4yrs8yrs & above2 times week
    Guitar4yrs7yrs & above2 times week
    Yoga2yrs10yrs & above2 times week1 month
    Drawing5yrs & above2 times week

    Special features

    We train children to write grade level exams for key board and drums Training is done for higher and lower grade govt examinations for Vocal and all courses

    Stage exposure

    All students with full attendance for 6 months will be given opportunities to exhibit Their talents on stage. Sahana believes in acknowledging every step of learning Happening in children. This kind of exposure will inhibit stage fear.

    Sahana Features

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    News & Events

    Maestro of month Thiyagaraya ...read more

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    Watch Online concert ...read more